This series of painted ladies began in 2008 and it's been an ongoing love affair ever since. Emotionally an extension of myself and aesthetically inspired by the early to mid-1900s, my hope is that these painted ladies will tell stories to and inspire those who cross their paths.

Multi faceted wm1
koi wm
territory wm1
only you wm
atkins calm below wm
amanda 3 wm
mark maker wm
black lagoon wm
Wild in my reverie, tame
It caused, in my heart, a forest
adapting to you
Creature of faith
Silver in e minor
No fear of wonder
Truly a number of things
Remember me remarkable
The benefits of Shakespeare
The color of choosing
The waxing and waning of you
The year before
Regards to Spain
My only uncharted territory
Depending upon the nature
Venice 1962
Prelude to a peaceable detachment
Ever mine to give
Lovely in the middle
Found gentle, studied slow
A semblance of the reclaim
Bittersweet this feeding frenzy
If only they'd quote you
The tiger and the cardinal
You came about so naturally
with unspoken ease, I was your pet
hands wm