Amanda Laurel Atkins

Amanda Laurel Atkins received her BFA in Illustration and Literature from The Lesley College of Art and Design in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2008. Since graduating, she has had several solo shows of her paintings and her work has appeared on album art, in magazines, and on book covers. Amanda enjoys licensing her work and book projects. She lives and works in Lowell, MA with her husband and their 3 cats.


Solo exhibits:

The Language of Foxtrot - Space 242 - summer 2009 - Boston, MA


Depending Upon the Nature of the Beast - Three Graces Gallery -

spring 2011 - Portsmouth, NH


The Drawing Room (studies in repetition) - Voltage - spring 2012 - Cambridge, MA


Novels for Keeping - Three Graces Gallery - fall 2012 - Portsmouth, NH

Lady Things - duo show with Sarah Seldomridge - Voltage - fall 2015 -

Cambridge, MA

Technicolor Tigress - Uncharted Gallery - spring 2018 - Lowell, MA